James White wins "IWMA Award 2017"

Ph.D. Thesis to be presented during IWMC 2017 in Rome!


IWMA announces Winner of this Year's "Young Talent Award / Ph.D."

The winner of this year’s “IWMA Young Talent Award / Ph.D.” is Dr. James Patrick White. The title of his winning Ph.D. thesis is: “Measurement and Simulation of Suppression Effects in a Buoyant Turbulent Fire Line”. All members of the IWMA Scientific Council agreed that this was the best submission.

Dr. White has recently completed his Ph.D. study at the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. His research efforts and interests have focused on turbulent fire suppression phenomena, including investigations of water mist flame extinguishment and advancements to the ability of computational fire models to predict flame suppression behavior.

“I am proud to have co-advised Dr. White at the University of Maryland. His research was of the absolute highest caliber. He is among the best students I have had the privilege to advise and he exceeded my every expectation”, says Dr. André W. Marshall.

Mr. White has now become part of the research staff at FM Global.

He will present his thesis during the 17th International Water Mist Conference. This event will take place on 25th and 26th October 2017 in Rome, Italy.
Next year the award will once again go to the best master thesis. Submissions are to be handed in before 30th April 2018.

First runner-up was Dr. Setareh Ebrahim Zadeh. The title of his Ph.D. thesis: "Extensive Study of the Interaction of a Hot Air Plume with a Water Spray by Means of CFD Simulation".

(top story from 14th July 2017)

The Grenfell Tower Fire

It is merely 12 days since the Grenfell Tower fire killed at least 79 people. The burning and then charred tower has been in the news again and again. Many have lost members of their family as well as friends and neighbours. Many, who have witnessed this horrific incident, are still in shock. Many are simply furious and outraged.

This case will remain open for a long while. Many questions will have to be asked and answered.

For those working in fire protection, incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire are frustrating, they make us angry, because the need for fire protection is so often underestimated, even ignored.

What remains to be said today is that the IWMA board of directors, the IWMA committees as well as all IWMA members hope that the bereaved will cope, the injured will recover and all will be able to forgive.

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prEN14972-1:2017 published

On 9th June prEN 14972-1:2017 (“Fixed firefighting systems – Water Mist Systems – Part 1: Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance”) was published and forwarded to all CEN members. It has been prepared and drawn up by CEN/TC 191/WG 10 under the chairmanship of Dr. Joachim Böke (Minimax). It will eventually supersede CEN/TS 14972:2011 and become EN 14972. At this moment the document is not a European Standard. However, it may be referred to, for example in contracts!

  Dr. Joachim Böke

For the time being, the CEN members are invited to comment, provide supporting documentation and to make the Technical Committee aware of any relevant patent rights.

On becoming a European Standard the CEN members will be bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard the status of a national standard without any alterations.

CEN members are the national standards bodies of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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CV Magazine has published the Winners' Issue

Two months ago CV Magazine announced the winners of this year's awards. In the category "Health & Safety" the International Water Mist Association was one of the winners. Now, CV Magazine has published an issue dedicated to the awardees.

IWMA bestows the "IWMA Young Talent Award" and has now itself received an award (IWMA President Ragnart Wighus with IWMA Award Winner Daniel Martin)

To read the article about IWMA please click HERE!

To read CV Magazine's press release please click HERE!

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IWMA supports TÜYAK Event 2017

On 9th and 10th November 2017 the 5th biennial International Exhibition and Symposium on Fire and Safety will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Grand Cevahir Hotel Convention Center. One of the international partners that will support this TÜYAK event will be the International Water Mist Association.

     TÜYAK Event 2015

During the two days, scientific and technological developments in the field of fire and safety will be discussed and experts with various backgrounds will share their knowledge and experiences. Alongside the symposium there will be an exhibition.

Aim and topic in focus of the event is “Life Safety and Risk Management in Fire”.

Guests, delegates and speakers will present manufacturers, suppliers, insurance companies, designers, consultancies etc.

To read more about the event please go directly to: www.tuyak2017.com/en

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IWMA awarded Health & Safety Award 2017

The International Water Mist Association is delighted to announce that it was awarded one of the Health & Safety Awards 2017 hosted by CV Magazine. The announcements have been made and IWMA has been named Best Fire Suppression Technology Advocacy - Germany & Award for Excellence in Sustainable Safety Technology Development.

CV Magazine says: "The 2017 Health & Safety Awards aim to celebrate the companies and individuals whose dedication and hard work is often overlooked. We will be casting a light on the remarkable firms and individuals whose inimitable ways and innovative thinking has seen them reach incomparable heights and gain remarkable accomplishments."

IWMA General Manager Bettina McDowell says: "We are delighted to have won this award. It shows that we are on the right track!"

(top story from 28th March 2017 - 3rd April 2017)

2nd UK Water Mist Seminar - as successful as last year

The 2nd UK Water Mist Seminar took place at BRE on 22nd March 2017. With just over 100 attendees it was just as successful as last year’s event.
In 2016, the event had been organized to introduce BS 8458 – the standard for residential dwellings. This year, BS 8489 – the commercial standard – was presented. But the event was much more than that:

  Are Brandt (SP)
  Bob Whiteley (Tyco) in front of the audience     

Are Brandt, member of the IWMA Scientific Council, explained how water mist works to those who may not have come into contact with the technology before. Bob Whiteley, who chairs the UK Water Mist Group, introduced BS 8489-1. His colleague at Tyco Tim Nichols, explained the application of BS 8489 to the protection of generator enclosures.

  Tim Nichols (Tyco)


Rüdiger Kopp (Fogtec) and Ian Gough (BAFSA)

Rüdiger Kopp, who works for Fogtec, gave a presentation entitled: “Compensation of missing fire partition in health care buildings by high pressure water mist”. Bafsa’s Ian Gough asked: “Non-compliant Systems – could we become victims of our own success?”


Louise Jackman (BRE) and Gary Howe (Zurich Risk Engineering)

Louise Jackman, who works for BRE, illustrated the test and approval components procedure of a water mist nozzle. The insurances’ approach was presented by Gary Howe, who works for Zurich Risk Engineering. His topic: Water mist for waste to energy bio mass plants.


Dean Reeve (VID Fire-Kill) and John Sinclair (Compco)

Dean Reeve, VID Fire-Kill, talked about a residential application. John Sinclair, CEO at Compco, spoke about the installation and maintenance requirements for water mist systems.

Thus, the event killed two birds with one stone. It informed and updated the audience about the latest developments on British Standards. At the same time it delivered many basic information about the technology .

(top story from 22nd March 2017 - 28th March 2017 / to download the photos click on the picture, copyright: IWMA)

IWMA has been nominated for CV Magazine’s 2017 Health & Safety Award

This week the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) was nominated for the 2017 Health & Safety Award. Corporate Vision Magazine – the donor of the award – have established the award to “celebrate the companies and individuals whose dedication and hard work is often overlooked.”
Their aim is to “cast a light on the remarkable firms and individuals whose inimitable ways and innovative thinking has seen them reach incomparable heights and gain remarkable accomplishments.”
IWMA General Manager Bettina McDowell says: “We are delighted to have been nominated. The nomination as such is an honour and we wish all the other nominees the best of luck. We are sure that they are all doing a great job within the health and safety sector.”

(top story from 9th February 2017 - 22nd March 2017)

IWMA supports OFSEC 2017

The third edition of OFSEC – Oman’s only exhibition on fire, safety and security will take place in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) from 9th to 11th October 2017. Venue is the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Local as well as international exhibitors will showcase their products and services in Oman in October. Expected Visitors will come from around 30 countries and areas such as governments, businesses, industrial and commercial entities as well as from the following sectors: aviation, construction, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, oil, gas and utilities. OFSEC’s aim is to be a networking platform and to link practitioners, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers from the fire, safety and security industry.

Since 2012, the Middle East is – according to the organizers –the most vibrant safety and security market in the world with a growth rate of over 10% annually. And when it comes to fire safety IWMA have always stressed the advantages of the water mist technology. The Middle East is a region where water is precious. Furthermore, it is a part of the world where high-rise buildings spring up like mushrooms. In both cases fixed water mist systems are a good solution for the simple reason that they need less water.

OFSEC’s fire protection section will provide access to the advanced technologies in fire safety, protection and detection with a selection of solutions and products for firefighting. Water mist will be one of the issues.

For more information go to: www.muscat-expo.com/ofsec/ or click the OFSEC logo!

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IWMA Young Talent Award 2017

In 2017 IWMA will again offer the "IWMA Young Talent Award". In 2016 it went to Daniel Martin for his master thesis entitled: "The Use of a Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield". Daniel Martin was indeed the first ever winner of this award.

Daniel Martin, 1st winner of the IWMA Young Talent Award, together with IWMA Scientific Council chairman Hong-Zeng (Bert) Yu, IWMA President Ragnar Wighus and his professor from Lund University Bjarne Husted

Unlike in 2016, the 2017 Award will go to the person handing in the best Ph.D. thesis. The prize includes an invitation to the 17th International Water Mist Conference, which in 2017 will take place in Rome, a slot to present the thesis, travel and accommodation expenses, one year free IWMA membership and a prize money of 1,000.- €. All further details are available HERE!

(top story from 20th October 2016 - 2nd February 2017)

IWMA and Sustainable Fire Engineering

What about fire protection for sustainable buildings? What about sustainable fire protection for the protection of the environment. These and other questions were discussed in Dublin last week during the "Sustainable Fire Engineering Conference". IWMA General Manager Bettina McDowell gave a brief introduction about water mist as one of the, if not the, sustainable means to suppress or extinguish a fire.

IWMA General Manager Bettina McDowell in Dublin

The outcome is that "sustainable fire engineering will from now on indeed be an initiative to promote a more sustainable approach within the fire protection industry. The International Water Mist Association will be a part of this. For further information please click HERE!

(top story from 5th - 20th October 2016)

Bye Bye Vienna - IWMC 2016 took place in Austria

Yesterday, Ragnar Wighus, president of the International Water Mist Association (IWMA), announced that the 17th International Water Mist Conference (IWMC) will take place in Rome, Italy, on 20th and 21st September 2017.

IWMA president Ragnar Wighus announces the date and venue for IWMC 2017

During the previous two days, 100 attendees from as far as Australia, Japan and the United States attended IWMC2016 in Vienna, Austria. Member of the IWMA Board Luciano Nigro conducted a panel discussion on the quality of the systems. Conclusion: “Water mist systems are ready for the market, although some optimization is still necessary.”

IWMA member of the board Luciano Nigro chairs the panel discussion (on the panel: Jonathan Carpenter, Christian Kopp, Markku Vuorisalo, Rüdiger Kopp

In all, 20 speakers from ten countries updated the audience. Joachim Böke, MinimaxViking and chairman of CEN/TC 191/ WG10, elaborated on the European standardization work and the progress of EN 14972.

Joachim Böke, MinimaxVking, updates the audience

Angel Abbud-Madrid (Colorado School of Mines) talked about the water mist portable fire extinguishers which his team had developed together with ADA technologies for the International Space Station (ISS).

Angel Abbud-Madrid on PFEs for ISS

On day two, IWMA president Ragnar Wighus presented Daniel A. Martin with the “IWMA Award for Young Talents / Master”.  

IWMA president and IWMA Young Talent of the Year Daniel A. Martin

“This year’s event was really packed with many, many highlights”, concludes Bettina McDowell, IWMA general manager.

(top story from 23rd September 2016 - 5th October 2016)

The 2016 International Water Mist Conference is packed with highlights

The programme for this year’s International Water Mist Conference contains many highlights. For one, there will be a panel discussion on day one of the conference. This day is Applications Day and can be booked separately.
The panel discussion will deal with “The Quality of Water Mist Systems” and will again be headed by IWMA board member Luciano Nigro. Luciano was in charge of the panel discussion during the 14th International Water Mist Conference which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2014. The topic then was: “The Future of Water Mist – Where lay the Boundaries? Are there any?” This discussion was important and had an impact as it was the basis for a new self-concept and an increased self-confidence of the water mist community.

Luciano Nigro heading the panel discussion in 2014 (on the panel were: Alan Brinson, Stefan Kratzmeir, Alex Palle, Erling Mengshoel, Marco Pesaola)

In 2016, IWMA wants to go one step further. Luciano says: “We will talk about the quality of water mist systems in terms of them suppressing or extinguishing the fires they have been installed for.” Further points of discussion will be – amongst others – what specific hazards can indeed be protected by water mist systems, the competence of fire protection consultants and the role of insurers.
For this panel discussion IWMA will invite various experts who can add to the discussion from different viewpoints. The audience may of course partake.
Another highlight is the presentation by Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid from the Colorado School of Mines, USA. Angel will speak about the water mist fire-extinguishers for space applications which were developed by his team from the Center for Space Resources in cooperation with ADA technologies. When this news was on the IWMA webpage in early 2016, not all fire-extinguishers had been delivered. In Vienna, Angel will update the audience on the latest developments and explain why water mist was the choice for this specific application.
One more highlight will be the "Update on the European Standardization Work". Dr. Joachim Böke of MinimaxViking will be present in Vienna to talk about the latest developments and to possible dare a forecast.
One very special highlight will be the presentation of the “IWMA Young Talent of the Year”. The winner in 2016 is Daniel Martin. Daniel will be given the award as recognition for his master thesis which is entitled: “The Use of a Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield”.
Bert Yu, chairman of the IWMA scientific council, will introduce Daniel, hand over the prize on day two of the conference and constitute the council’s decision. Daniel will afterwards present his thesis to the audience in Vienna.

The “Young Talent of the Year Award” consists of:
-    a prize money of 1,000 Euros
-    an invitation to the International Water Mist Conference
-    a slot to present the master thesis
-    the coverage of travel and accommodation costs and
-    one year free IWMA membership

In 2017 the “IWMA Young Talent Award” will go to the best Ph.D. thesis. Those wishing to participate should hand in a summary of their thesis by the end of April 2017. The IWMA scientific council will decide if the prize will be awarded at all and if so who will receive it.

(top story from 12th August 2016 - 23rd September 2016)

IWMA announces winner of the "IWMA Young Talent Award 2016"

The winner of this year’s “IWMA Young Talent Award / Master” is Mr. Daniel Alexander Martin. The title of his winning master thesis is: “The Use of a Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield”.

Daniel Martin during the IWMA Seminar in Lund last year

As far as his education is concerned he has obtained the following university degrees:
•    Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) graduated 2011
•    International Masters of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE), Magna Cum Laude, Ghent University in Belgium, Lund University in Sweden, and The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, graduated 2015
Mr. Martin, who has been a volunteer firefighter, has now started to work for Jensen Hughes, Inc. as an associate Fire Protection Engineer at the company headquarters in Baltimore, USA. He will present his master thesis during the 16th International Water Mist Conference. This event will take place on 21st and 22nd September 2016.
Next year the award will go to the best Ph.D. thesis. Submissions are to be handed in before 30th April 2017.

(top story from 12th July to 12th August 2016)

IWMA continues with Research Project

On 29th October 2015, straight after the 15th International Water Mist Conference, the IWMA Board of Directors met to discuss step two of the IWMA Research Project. To collect different ideas and views on the future of the technology delegates of the conference as well as the main stakeholders had been invited to attend this meeting.

The workshop on 29th October 2016 in Amsterdam

To find a way to actually continue with the IWMA Research Project the IWMA Board of Directors first grouped the ideas and views. Then they asked  the members of IWMA which option they favoured. The three options were: 

1.) concentrate on existing protocols, developing an application guideline, agreed with the most relevant authorities, in order to get more acceptance with the current approvals

2.) concentrate on new applications: getting water mist accepted for applications for which there are no current approvals

3.) approach the approval and certification bodies (like e.g. VdS, BRE and FM) and try to agree on a common standard

The result of the voting looks like this: 63,6 % of the IWMA members voted for option no. 1 which makes this option the winner. 27,3 % voted for option no. 3 and a mere 9,1 % thought that option no. 2 was the best way to continue.

The board of directors is currently discussing the consequences of that choice and details of step two of the IWMA Research Project. They will keep you updated as soon as they come to further decisions.

Please read further below about step one of the project and/or click HERE!

(top story from 31st May to 12th July 2016)

Water Mist in Space

IWMA supporting member The Colorado School of Mines, which is based in Golden, Colorado, USA, along with ADA technologies have developed water mist portable fire extinguishers (PFEs) for spacecraft applications. In December 2015 two of nine units were sent to the International Space Station.

The team together with the PFE: Tyler Grubb, Thierry Carrière, Angel Abbud-Madrid, Michael Tomlinson, Michael Krysiak and John Maloney (from left)

Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid, Director of the Center for Space Resources, says: "The water mist fire extinguishers will replace the carbon-dioxide units which had been on board so far." He adds: "There will be three more launches in spring to carry the other seven units to the ISS."

To read more please click HERE!

Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid is planning to come to the 16th International Water Mist Conference in Vienna, Austria, on 21st and 22nd September 2016 to give a presentation on the mentioned portable fire extinguishers. Watch this space for more information!

(top story from 13th January 2016 to 31st May 2016)

IWMA Market Survey - If at first ...

Due to the lack of feedback IWMA will not be able to present figures that show just how big the water mist market is. However, ...

At the beginning of August IWMA started sending out questionnaires to water mist companies worldwide in order to carry out a market survey. Unfortunately the lack of feedback does not allow a thorough, detailed and precise evaluation of the water mist market. IWMA will therefore abandon the topic for the time being. 

However, IWMA still sees the need to gather figures to examine the market and to follow its development in the future. IWMA firmly believes that water mist systems are by no means niche products anymore. The technology has gained its place in the firefighting world and will in fact continue growing considerably.

In due time IWMA will therefore be a repeat the market survey.

(top story from 11th to 13th January 2016)

IWMA supports Fire Safety Asia 2016 in Malaysia

Recently IWMA supported various events all over the world. In early 2016 Fire Safety Asia is the next event to receive backing from the water mist organization.

From 24th to 25th February 2016 Fire Safety Asia will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The International Water Mist Association supports this event.

The organizers say about this event: "The two day conference will address key leading fire and life safety topics from specialists and will facilitate discussion amongst renowned fire engineers and professionals. Fire Safety Asia 2016 is an opportunity for professional development and industry networking. We are welcoming distinguished personnel and industry leaders from the region and other jurisdictions to discuss challenges to fire safety in construction, oil and gas, chemical, transportation and warehousing industries and address issues to fire engineering facing the industry."
To read on for more detailed information please click the logo below.

(top story from 14th December 2015 to 11th January 2016)

IWMA supports TÜYAK Initiative to improve Fire Protection in Turkey

The problem in Turkey is lack of knowledge and regulations. The goal is to provide training and to stop cheating. 

During the TÜYAK Event, which took place in Istanbul on 12th and 13th November this year, a meeting took place to talk about the improvement of the quality of fire protection systems in Turkey. The problem in Turkey, when it comes to fire protection, is the lack of both: knowledge and rules. It was agreed that the goal shall thus be: education and market surveillance. Those who design and install water-based fire protection systems need training. On top of that a set of rules and regulations will have to be generated to stop deliberate cheating.

The initiative will be headed by TÜYAK. IWMA will be part of it. In Istanbul, IWMA was represented by association secretary Bettina McDowell. There will be further meetings in 2016 and possibly beyond. Who will represent the organization has not yet been determined.

IWMA will keep you informed about the representative as well as about progress of this initiative in which water mist will have to be part of.

(top story from 10th to 14th December 2015)

IWMA to promote young Water Mist Talents!

From the year 2016 onwards the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) will offer an award to promote young talents. The title of this award will be "IWMA Young Talent Award". Students will be asked to hand in their master theses.

The prize will be awarded once a year. It will include:

- an invitation to the annual international water mist conference
- a slot at the conference to present the master thesis
- a prize money of 1000,- Euro
- IWMA will cover travel and accomodation

For further details please click HERE!

(top story from 27th November to 10th December 2015)

IWMC 2016 to be held in Vienna!

The 16th International Water Mist Conference will take place in the Austrian Capital.

Date: 21st and 22nd September 2016. The conference venue will be the Arcotel Wimberger Wien.
It will be the second time for the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) to come to the Austrian capital for its conference. It was indeed the 1st Water Mist Conference which was held in Vienna back in 2001.
New in 2016 will be the “IWMA Award for Young Talents”. The prize will be awarded to the best master thesis about fire protection with water mist which was written in 2015 or will be written in early 2016. Students will be asked to hand in their abstract or summary no later than 30th April 2016.
The timetable between the beginning of 2016 and the first day of the conference will look like this:
-    The call for papers will be released on 1st February 2016. Abstracts should be handed in no later than 31st May 2016. Speakers will be notified by 30th June 2016 about acceptance.
-    The conference webpage will be activated on 1st June 2016. The early bird period for registrations will end on 1st August 2016.
-    The conference programme will be published on 1st July 2016.

(top news from 10th November to 27th November 2015)

Most successful IWMC ever!

The 15th International Water Mist Conference (IWMC) took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 28th and 29th October. The event was sold out, thus being the most successful IWMC ever.

The delegates

In all 128 delegates from 21 countries attended the conference. The Dutch delegation was the strongest with 28 attendees. 16 participants had come from the United Kingdom, 14 from Denmark. Further participants had come from as far as Israel, Egypt, Iran, Australia and the USA. In all 18 speakers from nine countries gave presentations on the fields of application, research & testing and also on more general water mist topics. 8 delegates took advantage of attending only the first day of the conference (Applications Day).

The event was informative but also critical challenging the listeners with questions like “Do we have confidence in water mist?” and “Practical Experience from actual water mist installations – what can be learnt?” All presentations are available on the IWMA webpage under “publications”.

IWMA president Ragnar Wighus thanks this year's sponsors

Apart from the diverse presentations, Ragnar Wighus, Chairman of the International Water Mist Association (IWMA), was proud to announce that step two of the IWMA Research Project would be initiated during a workshop on the late afternoon of day two of the conference. For that purpose IWMA had invited representatives of approval bodies as well as of some key insurance companies. The title of the research project is “Water Mist – an alternate Solution to Sprinklers in Building Fire Protection”. Step one (compilation of all existing test procedures, including corresponding pass fail criteria) was completed in 2014. The report is available from IWMA. Step two will deal with the development of an idea of the most useful pass fail criteria.

Apart from that, Ragnar Wighus announced that IWMA will from 2016 onwards offer an award for young researchers. Part of the prize is an invitation to the following IWMC, including a slot to present the winner’s master thesis.  The outlines and rules for this award are available from the IWMA webpage. From November onwards IWMA will start contacting universities worldwide to promote the award.

Alex Palau (Tyco, rleft) and Alex Palle (VID Fire-Kill, right) - the two new IWMA board members

During the IWMA member meeting, IWMA-chairman Ragnar Wighus (SP Fire Research Norway), IWMA vice-chairman Dirk Sprakel (Fogtec) as well as the board members Henrik Bygbjerg (Danfoss Semco) and Erik Christensen (Novenco) were confirmed in office. So was the chairman of the IWMA scientific council Hong-Zeng (Bert) Yu (FM Global). Carsten Palle (VID Fire-Kill) stepped down from his position on the IWMA board. Alex Palau (Tyco Spain) and Alex Palle (VIDF Fire-Kill) were elected as new members of the board.

(top news from 30th October to 10th November 2015)

IWMA to carry out Market Survey!

Figures relating to the water mist market have not been easy to come by. IWMA will therefore carry out an annual market survey from 2015 onwards.

Only recently, IWMA president Ragnar Wighus explained: “Water mist firefighting systems are well established and have been in use for over
twenty years in their present stage of technology." It was thus clear to the IWMA board of directors that it was high time to think about a market survey.

The IWMA board of directors

The IWMA marketing group was assigned to develop a questionnaire and to determine a list of water mist companies worldwide. These tasks have now been dealt with and during the month of August 2015 the questionnaires will be distributed.

All those who do not receive a questionnaire but would like to take part in the survey may contact the IWMA headquarter in Hamburg.

Please note: Due to a lack of feedback, IWMA was unable to carry out an evaluation of the returned questionnaires.

(top news from 3rd August 2015 to 30th October 2015)

IWMA supports Middle East FireSafe 2015

From 14th to 16th September 2015 the 6th Annual Middle East FireSafe Conference will take place in Dubai, U.A.E at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.
The IWMA board of directors have decided to support this event.

Last year more than 140 delegates listened to 27 speakers (eight of those had travelled to Dubai from other countries) and panelists. In all seven case studies were presented. Supporting organizations were amongst others NFPA.

This year organizations and companies like NFPA, the UK Petroleum Association and COXI will dispatch speakers. Highlights will be three masterclasses and workshops on fire drills, fire qualification for leadership growth as well as on the latest innovations in fire prevention. Case studies and an interactive panel on fire safety evolution moderated by leaders in fire safety, emergency planning and asset protection will further enhance the programme.

(top news from 20th July to 3rd August 2015)

IWMA publishes new Position Paper

After the idea had arisen during one of last year's board meetings, IWMA now has developed a new position paper. Topic: 3rd party inspection!

So far IWMA had only one position paper listed on its webpage. Its content deals with the design and installation of water mist systems.During the course of 2014 the idea to develop a further position paper arose. A topic was soon found: 3rd party inspection.

Bert Yu, chairman of the IWMA Scientific Council

The task was talked about during the 2014 IWMA member meeting. Afterwards the IWMA scientific council, headed by Bert Yu, devised a first draft. IWMA members then had the chance to hand in comments which the members of the scientific council then incorporated.

The result of this process can either be downloaded from the publications area of this webpage – where it will remain – or directly HERE!

(top news from 4th May to 20th July 2015)

IWMA to support the European Commission

At the beginning of the year 2015 the European Commission searched for organizations that could support the Expert Group on Marine Equipment – IWMA’ application has now been accepted. 

Earlier this year the European Commission published a call for applications for participation as an observer for the Expert Group on Marine Equipment. The Commission was particularly looking for European and international stakeholder organizations that may observe but also support the work of the Commission. One of the group’s main tasks is to assist in all questions related to marine equipment and in the preparation of legislation and in policy definition.
Should there be items on the agenda that call for a specific knowledge on safety at sea, that is fire safety, IWMA will be invited to participate in the work of the group.
The group will normally convene once a year in Brussels. The next meeting will take place on 17th and 18th June 2015.

(top news from 17th April - 4th May 2015)

IWMA invited Lund University Students to Water Mist Seminar

On 12th March 2015 IWMA held a seminar at the University of Lund in the South of Sweden. Title: “Scandinavian Water Mist Seminar: Technical Update & Approval Status”.
Just under 40 people attended the seminar. Some of them were students from Lund University whom IWMA had invited to attend this event free of charge.
This local seminar was divided into three parts. The morning session was dedicated to approvals as well as to research & testing. The speakers were Bjarne Husted (Lund University), Magnus Arvidson (SP Fire Research Sweden) and IWMA chairman Ragnar Wighus (SP Fire Research Norway). Daniel Martin and Jasper Ho, two students from Lund University, introduced their master theses.

Daniel Martin during his presentation

 Jasper Ho explains his master thesis

The title of Daniel Martin's presentation was: "The Use of Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield". Jasper Ho's topic was: "The Effect of Water Mist Systems on a controlled Fire". 
During the afternoon Diep Ngoc Phan (Novenco), Ann Micheli (Ultra Fog) and Leif Lindgren (Dafo) presented systems in practice. This second part was followed by group discussions, each group focusing on a different aspect of water mist fire protection.
The seminar was sponsored by the three Danish companies Danfoss Semco, Novenco and VID Fire-Kill as well as by Ultra Fog from Sweden.

Further information is available in the Press Room (IWMA Seminars 2015)

All presentations can be downloaded HERE!

(top news from 16th March - 17th April 2015)

Step 1 of IWMA Research Project completed!

Just before the 14th International Water Mist Conference IFAB completed the first step of the IWMA research project entitled: "Water Mist - an alternate Solution to Sprinkler in Building Protection". The German-based institute presented the results in Istanbul.
The scope of step one was to assess test procedures and the relevant pass fail criteria. This is to apply the performance verification of water mist systems using thermally activated (sprinkler like) nozzles for the protection of buildings according to the current status of knowledge. Aim was also to suggest future developments.

IFAB's Rajko Rothe and Babett Peters

Step one had been allocated to IFAB, the Institute of Applied Fire Research, in Berlin, Germany. Their task was to collect all existing test procedures, including corresponding pass fail criteria – possibly even new pass fail criteria.
IFAB have now completed the first step and have presented the results at the 14th International Water Mist Conference in Istanbul. Those who are interested to obtain IFAB'S final report may contact the IWMA headquarters and will receive a copy free of charge. 
Step two of this project will be the development of an idea of the most suitable pass fail criteria and eventually to carry out actual fire tests to support the work which has been done within step two.

To read the IFAB report please click HERE!

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