1st Water Mist Seminar in Poland

Date: 15th November 2017, Venue: Cracow!

In 2017 IWMA will hold 1st Water Mist Seminar in Poland

The 1st IWMA Water Mist Seminar in Poland will take place in Cracow on 15th November 2017! There will be no admission fee for delegates!

Wawel, Cracow, Poland

Interested parties can register from 15th August 2017 onwards via the IWMA webpage.

Please click HERE to view the preliminary programme in English! You can find the Polish translation of the preliminary programme HERE!

During this one-day seminar speakers will explain

  • how water mist works,
  • the meaning of the technology within the firefighting world

They will talk about

  • systems in practice as well as
  • maintenance requirements

Delegates will be able to update their knowledge on standards, guidelines and approvals and listen to the insurances’ point of view. The seminar will be accompanied by an exhibition.

Please save the date!