James White wins "IWMA Award 2017"

Ph.D. Thesis to be presented during IWMC 2017 in Rome!

IWMA announces Winner of this Year's "Young Talent Award / Ph.D."

The winner of this year’s “IWMA Young Talent Award / Ph.D.” is Dr. James Patrick White. The title of his winning Ph.D. thesis is: “Measurement and Simulation of Suppression Effects in a Buoyant Turbulent Fire Line”. All members of the IWMA Scientific Council agreed that this was the best submission.

Dr. White has recently completed his Ph.D. study at the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. His research efforts and interests have focused on turbulent fire suppression phenomena, including investigations of water mist flame extinguishment and advancements to the ability of computational fire models to predict flame suppression behavior.

“I am proud to have co-advised Dr. White at the University of Maryland. His research was of the absolute highest caliber. He is among the best students I have had the privilege to advise and he exceeded my every expectation”, says Dr. André W. Marshall.

Mr. White has now become part of the research staff at FM Global.

He will present his thesis during the 17th International Water Mist Conference. This event will take place on 25th and 26th October 2017 in Rome, Italy.

First runner-up for the "2017 IWMA Young Talent Award Ph.D." was Dr. Setareh Ebrahimzadeh. The title of her Ph.D. thesis: "Extensive Study of the Interaction of a Hot Air Plume with a Water Spray by Means of CFD Simulation". Before focusing on her Ph.D. thesis Ms Ebraimzadeh attended a programme organized by Ghent University, Lund University, The University of Edinburgh, ETH Zurich and The University of Maryland (IMFSE International Master in Fire Safety Engineering). Ms Embrahimzadeh's Ph.D. thesis was the first ever fire safety engineering thesis to be completed in Belgium.


Second runner-up was Dr. Jing Liu who has obtained her Ph.D. degree from the department of Building Service Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The title of her Ph.D. thesis: "A Study on Fires and associated Provisions in open Kitchens in small residential Units of tall Buildings". Dr. Jing Liu now works as a lecturer at the Southwest Jiaotong University, PR China. Her main research interests are fire suppression systems and tunnel fire.

Next year the award will once again go to the best master thesis. Submissions are to be handed in before 30th April 2018.


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