The Grenfell Tower Fire

It is merely 12 days since the Grenfell Tower fire killed at least 79 people. The burning and then charred tower has been in the news again and again. Many have lost members of their family as well as friends and neighbours. Many, who have witnessed this horrific incident, are still in shock. Many are simply furious and outraged.

This case will remain open for a long while. Many questions will have to be asked and answered.

For those working in fire protection, incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire are frustrating, they make us angry, because the need for fire protection is so often underestimated, even ignored.

What remains to be said today is that the IWMA board of directors, the IWMA committees as well as all IWMA members hope that the bereaved will cope, the injured will recover and all will be able to forgive.

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(top story from 26th June 2017 - 14th July 2017)