Archives and Libraries:

Tim Nichols, Tyco Fire Protection Products, UK: Fire Protection of compact Archive Storage using Water Mist (IWMC 2014)


Cable Tunnels:

Rüdiger Kopp, Fogtec Fire Protection GmbH & Co. KG, Germany: Water Mist for ventilated large Scale Cable Tunnels (IWMC 2015)


Ingrid Staurheim (KA Assn. f. Employers in the Church of Norway and Church-Related NGOs, Norway) & Ragnar Wighus (Sintef, Norway) Protecting wood Churches with water-based Fire-Fighting Systems (IWMC 2013)

Kurt Schebel, Arup, USA: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, NY, USA (IWMC 2012)

Data Centres:

Josef Hainzl, Aquasys, Austria: High Pressure Water Mist Firefighting System for Data Centre Protection (IWMC 2016)

Tim Nichols, Tyco Fire Protection Products, UK: Data Centre Low Pressure Water Mist Solutions (IWMC 2015)

Jonathan Carpenter, FM Approvals, USA: Fire Test Protocols for Water Mist System Protection of Data Processing Rooms / Halls (IWMC 2015)

Christophe Balayre, Danfoss Semco, Denmark: Protection of Data Center – Application with high-pressure Water Mist Systems (IWMC 2013)

Food Industry:

Joachim Gabran, Marioff, Finland: Water Mist Fire Protection for the Food Industry (IWMC 2016)

Stuart Lloyd: Zurich Insurance, UK: Industrial Oil Cooker Protection from the Insurance Point of View (IWMC 2013)

Heritage Buildings:

Alex Palle, VID Fire-Kill, Denmark: Protection of cultural Heritage Applications with low-pressure Water Mist Systems (IWMC 2012)

Further Readings:

"Mists of time", an article by Rüdiger Kopp, Fogtec (IWMA Member), published in IFJ Industrial Fire Journal, issue 106, 4th quarter 2016

High Rise Buildings:

Marco Pesaola, Eusebi Impianti, Italy: Complete Fire Protection with EI-Mist of a 540 m tall Tower (IWMC 2012)


Lasse Sørensen Laustsen, Danfoss Semco, Denmark: 250,000 m2 University Hospital entirely protected by High Pressure Water Mist System (IWMC 2016)

Nadia Mofidi, Narfoam Kar Co., Iran: Simulation of Water Mist in ICUs (IWMC 2015)

Henrik Johansson, TYCO Sweden: Nordic Hospital and Care-House Protection – The Aquamist Solution (IWMC 2012)

Industrial Facilities:

Erik Christensen, Novenco, Denmark: Examples of Water Mist Protection of essential Equipment as Part of a total Protection Concept for industrial Facilities (IWMC 2012)

Water Mist did the job: "Tried and tested", an article by Andy Cooke, Xcell Misting (IWMA Member)

Machinery Spaces:

Mark Davies, Ultra Fog, Sweden: Machinery Space and Gas Turbines – Engineering a Solution for real World Design (IWMC 2015)

Mobile Systems:

Angel Abbud-Madrid, Colorado School of Mines, USA: Water Mist in Space - The ISS Fine Water Mist portable Fire Extinguishers (IWMC 2016)

Willem Nater, Nater Gas & Vloeistofsystemen BV, Netherlands: Mobile Water Mist Units – Experience and Project Description (IWMC 2015)

Further Readings:

"Lances and Nails", an article by IWMA General Manager Bettina McDowell  in Fire & Rescue, issue 98, 2nd quarter 2015


Ingrid Naus, Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Netherlands: Water Mist Installation in the Dutch Textile Museum (Seminar Netherlands 2012)

Printing Machines:

Rüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany: Fire Protection for Printing Machines with Water Mist (IWMC 2014)


William Makant, Plumis, UK: A residential Water Mist Suppression System with a 6 Litres per Minute Flow (IWMC 2016)


Gary Howe (Zurich Insurance, UK) & Alex Palle (VID Fire-Kill, Denmark): Water Mist Protection of Saunas (IWMC 2014)


Angel Abbud-Madrid, Colorado School of Mines, USA: Water Mist in Space - The ISS Fine Water Mist portable Fire Extinguishers (IWMC 2016)