Water Mist Facts

Water Mist Fire Suppression

" ...is any other fire-fighting agent as environmentally acceptable as the agent that helps to support life itself."

The Water Mist Fire Suppression Process

Cooling Effect: The small droplets created by water mist systems, increase surface area to maximize the efficient absorption of heat.

Oxygen Displacement: The small droplets evaporate rapidly and expand to displace oxygen in the proximity of the fire.

Radiant Heat Attenuation: The small droplets provide effective protection from radiant heat.

The environmental advantages

  • Water mist systems consume notably less water than traditional sprinkler systems minimizing consequential water damage.
  • Water mist systems do not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming.
  • Water mist systems do not produce toxic by-products when applied to a fire and do not require complex decommissioning procedures.