Standards and Guidelines


CEN/TS 14972 - Fixed Firefighting Systems - Water Mist Systems / Design and Installation

NFPA 750 - Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems

IMO A800 + MSC 265 (cover automatic water mist nozzles)
To read more on IMO A800 please click HERE! Please also see the presentation by Magnus Arvidson held during the 14th IWMC in Istanbul! Please click HERE!
To read more on MSC 265 please click HERE!

IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1165
 (covers open water mist nozzles) 
Revised Guidelines for Approval of Equivalent Water-Based Fire-Extinguishing Systems for Machiery Spaces and Cargo Pump-Rooms
To read more on IMO 1165 please click HERE!

FM 5560 - Approval for Water Mist Standards
The last revision of FM 5560 was published in April 2016. To down the document please click HERE!

The British Standards
The British Standard documents are:
BS 8489 / Fixed Fire Protection Systems - industrial and commercial Water Mist Systems - Code of Practice for Design and Installation (parts 1, 4, 5, 6, 7) and
BS 8498.
BS 8458 / Fixed Fire Protection Systems - residential and domestic Water Mist Systems - Code of Practice for Design and Installation
The British Standards can be purchased from the BSI (British Standards, formerly British Standards Institution) website.

Further reading: "Best Practice", an article by Bob Whiteley, Tyco, in the Industrial Fire Journal, issue no. 106 / 4th quarter 2016, o page 22 - 23

The French Standard
Technical Document APSAD D2 - Water Mist (Guide for Installation of Water Mist Protection Systems)

UL 2167 - Standard for Water Mist Nozzles for Fire Protection Services
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The Nordic Standard
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For further information click HERE! (Norwegian only)

VdS Guideline 3188
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The Danish Guideline
The Danish guideline consists of part 1 (design, installation and maintenance) and part 2 (classification tests). It can be obtained from DBI Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology:
To read a summary, please click HERE!

UPTUN Guidance
(Engineering Guidance for water-based fire-fighting systems for the Protection of Tunnels and Subsurface Facilities)
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IWMA Scaling Project 2009
The IWMA Scaling project was successfully finished and the results were presented at IMO FP meeting 2009. The final report was published and you may request  a copy by sending an email to info [at] The paper summarizes and suggests with respect to machinery spaces that we allow doubling the enclosure volume based on the tested volume if the duration of the water supply is increased to 45 minutes.