IWMA - International Water Mist Association

In a few words

The International Water Mist Association is the first association of its kind dedicated exclusively to water mist firefighting and related technologies. The IWMA was founded on 4th April 1998 and began maintaining a permanent office at the beginning of 2000. From the IWMA's international headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, it supports the continued development, research and applications engineering of generic water mist systems.

Manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, scientific institutes, approval bodies, fire departments as well as private persons are members of the IWMA. 

The intention

The concept of using water mist to extinguish fires is not new. It has been well documented since the 1930's. Hitherto, its use has been far from wide spread.

But with the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and the ongoing, global phase out of halon, fire protection professionals have strived to identify innovative ways of suppressing fire. And indeed, the use of water mist has been acknowledged as an efficient alternative to halon.

A significant amount of research has taken place which has resulted in the commercial availability of various water mist systems. Those involved have often worked in comparative isolation in locations throughout the world.

The intention of the International Water Mist Association is to provide a forum for experts, manufacturers, users and fire professionals active in the field of water mist fire suppression.