less water +++ effective cooling +++ local inerting effect +++ does not harm humans +++ environmental friendly +++ cost effective +++ proven to international protocols and standards +++ reliable & flexible ...
less water +++ effective cooling +++ local inerting effect +++ does not harm humans +++ environmental friendly +++ cost effective +++ proven to international protocols and standards +++ reliable & flexible ...

Ragnar has gone ...

On 4th November, Ragnar Wighus passed away.


Ragnar Wighus (born 24th December 1948) passed away early on 4th November.

Between 2002 and 2018 he was president of the International Water Mist Association. He was the man who sang the water mist hymn and the beginning and at the end of each water mist conference until he stepped down from his position as president at the London conference in 2018.


Hong-Zeng (Bert) Yu (FM Global): It is shocking and sad to learn about Ragnar’s passing. He had been serving competently and effectively as the chair of the IWMA board right after Karl Sprakel’s one year tenure. I first met Ragnar in the early 1990s when he came to FM Global (then Factory Mutual Research Corporation) as a visiting scientist. As a gentleman, he treated people with empathy and kindness. Besides the water mist anthem, Ragnar had left many fond memories and legacies in the association and fire protection community. He will be deeply missed.

Are Wendelborg Brandt (RISE): He was a good colleague, mentor and a great friend and he will be deeply missed.

Dirk Sprakel (Fogtec): Ragnar was to most of us always a good friend and at the same time expert partner of highest level. His personality made him very special in the most positive meaning. I well remember how we were discussing the founding of IWMA so many years back with him and then put it all in place. The plan worked. Ragnar contributed not only during the very first days of IWMA but over all these years to our associations so much. In so far Ragnar can say in many ways “mission accomplished”. Especially as a person of highest integrity. I will remember him with highest respect.

Ann Micheli (Ultra Fog): I am so sorry to hear this news, especially as we were just talking about how he was last week.  I am sure that he will be greatly missed by all who knew him and especially a loss for the water mist community.

Henrik Bygbjerg (Danfoss Fire Safety): I am so sad to hear about Ragnar is no longer among us. I will miss my good friend and a great person.

Luciano  Nigro (Jensen Hughes): It is very hard to believe that our best friend Ragnar will no longer be with us in this world. Ragnar will be always in the mind and heart of all the water mist community.

Jonathan Carpenter (FM Approval): Very sad indeed. I didn’t know Ragnar quite as well as some of you but in my time in Norway fire testing for various projects over the years Ragnar was always extremely welcoming and kind including inviting me to his home as some of you have also noted.  I always enjoyed working with Ragnar and spending social time in his company.  From a professional perspective he had a great ability to understand protocol requirements, and respect them, but at the same time understand the manufacturer’s needs and concerns and work to a common ground. I came to quickly appreciate that and do my best to follow that line of thinking in my work. So I can say even working for a different company, in a different country across an ocean, Ragnar has also been a positive influence on me both personally and professionally.

Alex Palle (VID Fire-Kill): The world and watermist community has lost a fantastic and passionate person, and he will be truly missed.

Dirk Laibach (Johnson Controls International): Difficult to find the right words. We all know what a wonderful, friendly and open person Ragnar always was. I really remember the time when he invited myself and some other people to his cozy home. His door was always wide open and everybody was welcome.

Louise Jackman: That is such sad news. As well as I agree with everything that has been said, what was special for me was the “twinkle in his eye”.

Steve Titterington (Fireworks Ltd.): Sorry to hear the passing of Ragnar. I didn’t know him that well but clearly he was an extremely influential and passionate about water mist.

Siaka Dembele (Kingston University London): Ragnar was highly dedicated to the water mist cause, very passionate about it. He will be sorely missed!

Magnus Arvidson (RISE): Sad and shocking information. I met Ragnar in the mid-1990s and his dedication to water mist technology and his importance for its acceptance cannot be underrated.

Alan Brinson (EFSN): He will be missed and has gone too soon. I first met Ragnar in 1993 at the opening of the new fire test hall at SP in Borås. We had dinner in it and Ragnar was sitting opposite me. To my amazement he stood up and sang a song...

Abhishek Dharme (Hydrocore) : It is indeed, very sad news. Although I never had the chance to interact with Ragnar in person, I remember seeing him sing the water mist anthem once, he seemed so full of energy and so passionate about his work! He will surely be missed.

Arnaud Breton (CNPP): The water mist community loses both a talented scientist and a man of open mind and true culture, a tireless ambassador of this technology.

Max Lakkonen (IFAB): I remember Ragnar especially because of his singing at IWMCs (and many other occasions). My first conference was 15+ years ago but still remember the opening speech with the song. It was very different than many other conferences that I had been before.

Erling Mengshoel (Prevent Systems): Over the course of the 15 years I knew Ragnar, he was always supportive and positive, but also honest - traits that oftentimes can be hard to combine. I last saw him in late August after he had received bad news about his treatment, and that he was running out of options. He quickly turned the conversation to the status of the European mist standard, and that he had to stay alive until it was published. I confirmed mission accomplished, which brought out the big smile many of us will remember him by. He was passionate about water mist till the very end, and he will be sorely missed.

Bettina McDowell (IWMA): When some people go, you think that they should have stayed a little longer. Ragnar was such a person.