Who is the 2022 IWMA Young Talent?

In all, four young scientists have applied for the IWMA Young Talent Award / Master Thesis


Four contenders have applied for the 2022 IWMA Young Talent Award / Master Thesis. Today, we would like to introduce the four young scientists:

Karolyn Steranka from the University of Maryland completed her master thesis in May 2021 under the supervision of Prof. James A. Milke and Prof. Arnaud Trouve. The title of Karolyn’s master thesis is: “Feasibility Analysis and FDS Modeling of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems for Protection of Aircraft Hangars”.

Nicharee Thinnakornsutibutr graduated from the department of Global Fire Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science and was one of the speakers at the 20th International Water Mist Conference in Warsaw. She completed her master thesis “Study on Toxicity Evaluation of Produced Gases from Polymeric Materials Combustion with Water Mist - Influence of water droplet size on toxic gas generation” in September 2021. Her supervisor was Dr. Masayuki Mizuno.

Haydn Lewis completed his master thesis towards the end of 2020. Under the given circumstance, i.e. that there was no conference in 2020, thus no opportunity to apply for the award, his thesis was also accepted. Haydn graduated from the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) and was supervised by Dr. Nils Johansson. The title of his thesis is: “Factors influencing the generation of carbon monoxide in fires partially suppressed through water mist application”.

The fourth contender is Ömer Sunda Ün. The title of his master thesis is: "A comparative numerical Study on monodisperse and polydisperse Spray". Ömer wrote his thesis during the academic year 2020-2021 under the supervision of Prof. Tarek Beji at Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.


Deadline to hand in submissions was 29th April. The IWMA scientific council will now evaluate the four theses. On 30th June, the winner will be informed and also announced on the IWMA webpage.